Fenton's Evo pushes through adversity

Evo, searches the web, while talkig with NBC 25 about being an Academic All-Star.

The dream of playing college athletics is one that many Mid-Michigan student athletes have, but Hannah Evo, a Senior at Fenton High School, that dream was gone in the blink of an eye.

"I tore my ACL in June playing soccer â?¦ and I was devastated,"

Evo, who's heading to Ferris State to play basketball next season, was missing the most important summer of her basketball life. And there were doubters on if she would make it back in time for her senior season - her coach wasn't one of them.

"Some people said, 'Oh, she's not going to be back at that time," says Rebecca Moore. "I was like, 'Just believe in Hannah.' That's the type of kid she is. She was determined to get back, and she did."

"I've just always been like that," Evo says. "I just wanted to work hard, and I knew the faster I worked, the faster I'd comeback, and the more things I would achieve."

And the achievements aren't just on the hardwood. Evo excels in the classroom as well, sporting a GPA just under a 4.0, and has an eye for the arts.

"I like coming up with new things, and drawing is another way to express yourself."

Whether it's drawing a new piece of art, or a new play for the Tigers' offense, Hannah's impact on her Fenton community is being felt.

"Hannah gets it done in the classroom. She gets it done on the athletic court," says Moore. "I have a five year old, and she wants to try and be like Hannah."

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