Grand Blanc's Fisher receives national honor

Fisher looks on during his press conference Thursday.

Grant Fisher is the best cross country runner in the state.

He's also the best runner in nation - the only problem - Grant is last one to find out. Today Grand Blanc, along with Gatorade let the Bobcat out of the bag.

"It was a huge surprise," says Grant Fisher on the national honor. "I never thought I would win something as prestigious as this - this is coolest thing that's ever happened to me."

While cross country is generally thought of as an individual sport; just a runner, his shoes and the path, Fisher gives credit to his team for pushing him to the top.

"That's one of the most influential things to my success - my teammates, and having fun everyday," Fisher said.

The ROTY award is not just about running. Gatorade looks at the person in the shoes as well. Nominees have to be well rounded, with good grades and a community leader - and according to Grant's teammates, that where he sets himself apart.

"A lot of the things we do in practice, we wouldn't be able to do, if Grant wasn't out there leading us," says Nick Voth, Bobcats Senior Captain.

"It's always really cool to watch his success," add Fisher's teammate, Dillyn Foy. "But it's even cooler to see how he reacts to his success."

And that success, ranks right up there with past Bobcat runners.

"We've had quite a few really good runners over the years, but he tops the list right now," says Fisher's Coach Edward Stanbury.

Up next for Grant, is his next goal of finding other talented runners to raise his game.

"It'll be really fun this track season, to find that person, and have them push me, and I guess I'll push them too."

Another perk for winning the award, Grant will walk the red carpet of the ESPY's this summer in Los Angeles â?? making it not a bad time to be Grant Fisher.