High School Basketball: Grand Blanc wins rematch with Carman Ainsworth

Grand Blanc's Kenneth Miller scored 16 points against Carman Ainsworth Wednesday.

The first time the Carman Ainsworth and Grand Blanc boys met in Flint, the game went into overtime as the Bobcats came out on top.

Wednesday, the Cavaliers looked to return the favor on Grand Blanc's home court.

The Bobcats jumped out to an early lead, but the Cavaliers countered in the first quarter.

Carman Ainsworth's Jaylen Randle hit a triple at the buzzer to give the Cavs an 11-8 lead.

But, the Bobcats outscored the Cavaliers 22-7 in the second.

Grand Blanc went on to win 56-49.

Bobcats' Kenneth Miller led with 16 points, Cavaliers Denzel Watts had 15 points.