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      High School Football Preview: New Lothrop

      New Lothrop's head coach Clint Galvas wears a T-shirt on the first day of football practice that reads: win everyday.

      Monday was the first day of high school football practice in Michigan.

      GAC Blue Champion New Lothrop hit the grid iron just like every other team.

      New Lothrop won 12 straight before falling to eventual state champ Mendon in the state semifinal.

      As they kicked off football season, Head Coach Clint Galvas told NBC25 the Hornets won't be looking back.

      Before their playoff run in 2011, New Lothrop suffered injuries to back Amari Coleman and senior tackle Jon Toma.

      Coleman is back for his junior season and he, along with senior quarterback Austin Newman, are eager to make a run at the state title.

      "We're young, but he have players coming back and we're really determined to show our abilities and hopefully we can go all the way," Coleman said.

      "i'm real excited to start," Austin Newman said. "I just can't wait to put the pads on and play some real football...enough with the shorts and t-shirt stuff."