Learning life and football

Players huddle for the next play during Friday's session.

If you played sports growing up, you know it not only teaches you about the sport, but the game of life as well.

That's exactly what is taking place over Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw.

Over 500 student athletes from the area are taking part in the two-day NFL high school development camp.

Ron Stanley, Keyonta Marshall and other pro football players are amoung the instructors at the camp, that is co-sponsored by the National Guard. It all helps these kids getter better on the field and in life.

"Finding the right role models. I think that's what a lot of us are trying to do, is trying to provide these kids with the right role models, the right leadership to show that they are capable of making it themselves," says Josh Bailey, an offensive line instructor.

"Those guys are guys that have had success at every level. They definitely and give them some things to work on, says Ralph Arnett, the event organizer. "They can give them tips, not only in football, but things in life as well."