Soft spoken, but loud on the court

Jim Zioboro seems like a simple quiet person. That is, until he gets out on the court.

The intense focus Zioboro displays while hitting the boards, and the books, makes him this week's NBC 25 Academic All-Star.

"My sophomore year, I played varsity basketball and baseball. And then my junior year I played varsity football."

"So you're pretty busy?" Zioboro is asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty busy."

For as talented Jim Zioboro athletically, you might think that would inflate his ego. That he might be a boisterous jock, but that's not the case. He's more of the quiet intellectual assassin.

"He's a quiet jokester," says James' basketball Coach Tyler Thompson. "He's sneaky about his jokes, but he'll get ya."

And as it turns out, he'll also get ya on the court as well.

"We brought him up as a sophomore, and we thought he was just a quiet, shy guy, and all of sudden he's pushing around seniors, and bulling people around," says Thompson. "He turned into that strong tough guy, and a leader for us."

But he's also turned into a great student as well. Zioboro sports a 4.0 GPA, and can't remember the last time he got anything less than an A. It's something he credits to his mom, a teacher, who has always looked out for his grades.

"Yeah it's definitely helped with the academics. I remember when I was little I would have to do grammar packets over the summer. Which, I don't mind now, because it helped now - it made everything easier."

As the basketball season approaches its final weeks, Zioboro just keeps plugging away, until it's time for his next sport, baseball.

"I just try to make each day the best I can, and try to move towards a goal."

And no matter what that goal, Jim always seems meet it.