The Flushing High School student section does more than just cheer

The Flushing student section does a lot more than just cheer.

You see them, and hear them at every game, but for this student section in Flushing, it's about more than a good cheer.

"We're all one big family," says Alex Yue, a senior at Flushing High School.

And that family includes an eclectic cast of characters.

"I thought superhero," said Joey Lee, a Flushing Junior.

Nora Robson, a senior at FHS dressed up like a hotdog, because "I really like hotdogs."

"I just ran downstairs, and found this costume," says junior Tyler Stawasz.

"I'm pretty sure it was one of my parents' from a few Halloween's ago or something."

The group changes their appearance every home game, and the key, is to keep it cheap.

"Nobody likes to spend money they don't have too. Especially if they're only going to wear it once," Yue said.

The Raider student-section - who decided to increase their presence at games this year at the encouragement of their athletic director - tell NBC25, what sets them apart from other crowds, is the attitude.

"We don't like to call out names, or swear. We like to keep it classy here at Flushing."

And while the team doesn't always win on the scoreboard, the Raider-nation in the stands will still have the same positive experience.

"It's Amazing. I love Friday nights," Robson said.

While Stawasz, or Mr. Pacman, added, "It's not like anything else. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else."