U.S.A. softball thriving despite key losses

The Unionville-Sebewaing softball team lost it's best player and it's head coach in a matter on months, but they haven't missed a beat. The team is currently ranked 2nd in the Division 4 state rankings.

There are very few programs in Mid-Michigan who can say they've had as much success as Unionville-Sebewaing softball, and there are very few who can say they've seen more change as the Patriots have over the last year.

Over the last ten seasons the Patriots have won five state titles, but this off season former head coach Steve Bohn stepped down, and Nicole bauer, the team's best player best player, is now pitching for Stanford University. First year head coach Isaiah Gainforth is a former assistant coach and he's stepped into some big shoes. Despite the turnover, his team hasn't missed a beat because Gainforth has gone out of his way to make the transition a smooth one.

"Really like i thought it was going to be a lot different," said senior Alexis Cady. "But we've had coach Gainforth before and everything was fine with it. It was comfortable having someone that you know."

Senior catcher Sara Reinhardt echoed those sentiments, "He was the assistant coach my sophomore year so I knew that he knew what he was doing so that made me more comfortable come back and get to know him."

As for Gainforth, he's been with this team before and still maintains a close relationship with Bohn. Because of the program's success, whole sale changes were the last thing this group needed.

"You know expectations they've dealt with them the last two years so nothing is different," he said. "We have expectations and we want to make a deep run into the playoffs every year and We're just trying to take it day by day."

The Patriots are ranked 2nd amongst all Division 4 teams and they once again sit atop the standings in the Greather Thumb.

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