Watch: Why Signing Day was special for Mid-Michigan athletes


Amarr Blake-Hamady Senior, Ferris State signee: "We've been working hard for a long time, it's finally paying off. We couldn't have done this without our family."

Simeon Kemp-Hamady Senior, SVSU signee: "It felt like home. I have best friends there, it just felt like home. I love the coaches, I just love it, I'm excited, I'm ready to play."

Marcus Matiere-Bey: FSWA Senior, Ferris State signee: "I get to sign, I didn't think I was going to sign a year ago, but I'm blessed with this opportunity to sign."

Amere Blake-Hamady Senior, Ferris State signee: "It feels good because not a lot of people get to go on and play college football or basketball in any sport so it means a lot to represent Flint in a good way."

Trent Hillger-Lake Fenton senior, Wisconsin wrestling signee: "I mean signing, it's going to be my future. I'm going to be spending the next 4-5 years at Wisconsin. It's just special, not many people get to do sports in college let alone Division 1 Big Ten."

Chris Newell-Hamady Senior, Concordia signee: "Today is special, I feel like I really earned it with all the sweat, all the entertaining things I got to do with my coach. It finally paid off and they told me it would, I'm just glad it happened for me."

Ahmard Clay-Carman-Ainsworth Senior, Concordia signee: "Ever since I was little it was my dream, coming out of Flint it was kind of hard to be something. I wanted to take this opportunity...take off with it."

Ronald Wallace-FSWA Senior, Northwood signee: "It's real special, ever since I was young, 7th grade watching Mark Ingram play college football at Alabama. He went here so he's a real role model."

Deron Irving-Bey-FSWA Senior, Michigan signee: "Starting a new beginning, I'm at the bottom of the list again, we'll see see how it goes, it's going to be exciting the next 4-5 years."

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