Path to Greatness: Dynamic workout grows Ellie Taylor's game


Dow senior girls basketball star Ellie Taylor owns several records as a Charger, a tribute to four years of stellar play on the court, using skills she's honed since she started playing basketball in second grade.

But, after joining the varsity squad as a freshman, she noticed a challenge she needed to overcome, athleticism. Always given the gift of talent, and able to shoot the ball with the best of them, she saw she needed to become a better athlete to become a better basketball player.

So, she started working out at Stuart Schweigert's Impact Training, working out in different, unique ways, instead of just lifting weights or running.

It's certainly helped, as she committed to Division 1 St. Louis University before her junior season. Realizing the expectations at the next level, Taylor believes her current workout regimen has prepared her well for the next level, putting her on the Path to Greatness.

If you know someone who's on the Path to Greatness, let us know. Email Tom Eschen at or find him on Facebook or Twitter @TomEschenJr.

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