Path to Greatness: Kalle Martinez turns pain into progress

Bay City John Glenn's Kalle Martinez has overcome a nasty knee injury and she's back with a vengence as she leads the Bobcats through the 2016 season.

For an athlete who lived and breathed basketball, tearing her ACL her sophomore year brought Kalle Martinez to a breaking point.

"There were times I wanted to give up, I wanted to quit right then and there, I didn't want to play basketball anymore," she said. "There were times where I was crying after he tried to straighten my leg and just after different activities he had me do."

The first time she was injured was her first time sitting on the bench, but that's where she found a silver lining.

"Sitting down and watching the game really helped me a lot by picking every detail," she remembered. "Like the right cut the right shot, like i just kind of sat back, and I've never done that before."

And when she got back on the court, it was like she had discovered her passion for the sport all over again. And it was something that didn't go unnoticed by her head coach Cory Snider.

"I saw a big change in her hunger," Snider sais. "She understood after that, what the game really meant for her and i think that was a huge step forward for her to understand everything that she was capable of and that she worked for and she appreciated it."

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