Path to Greatness: Robert Love works to set football standard at Clio

Tom Eschen (left) speaks with Robert Love (right)

As a sophomore, Clio's Robert Love tore his meniscus, setting him back two years of hard work to prepare for the next level. Always a big kid, the 6' 6'' 300 pounder always had college football on his mind.

"You're trying to overcome these obstacles in your head: 'I might not be good enough,' it's hard to say how I did it it was some of those days where I asked 'was this really worth it? Do i really want to put myself through all this?''

He got healthy and strong for his senior season, turning the heads of college coaches, and will become Clio's first Division 2 football player in decades when he signs with Northwood University on February 1st.

His goal is to set an example for a Clio football program that's struggled in recent years, hoping he will pave the way for more great athletes to reach higher, vaulting the program into success in the process.

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