Two men detained in connection with Flint arson

Police say two men detained in arson house fire.

Two people are detained Monday morning in connection with a house fire on Flint's north side.

Fire crews were called out to Jamieson Street around 4 am.

"When our guys arrived the found a garage fully engulfed with a car inside," says Specialist Sgt. Lenny Jaskulka, fire investigator with Michigan State Police.

Jaskulka says crews noticed a strong gasoline odor outside of the two-bedroom bungalow style home just off of Saginaw Street.

Police say two men were found in close proximity to the house and taken into custody.

"There is no question, this is an arson," says Jaskulka.

There were fire spots through out the home leading investigators to believe the fire was intentionally set.

No one was hurt.

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