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      We will see showers, mainly around the Tri-Cities and the Thumb today; otherwise, most of us will stay mostly cloudy. There will be some peeks of sun north of the bay and in the thumb.

      Highs will hit the only reach the upper 70s with a few low 80s possible. The Thumb will be running a little cooler, with mid 70s, courtesy of a breeze off of Lake Huron.

      The weekend will be comfortable, with highs in the low to mid 80s.

      Forecast models are not in agreement about our rain chances Saturday. We know southern Michigan will see rain, but the question is how far north it will travel.

      Sunday is looking dry with a mix of sun and clouds overhead.

      The heat and humidity will start to climb for the work week; dew points will be headed for the upper half of the 60s, with temps cranking up into the 90s by Wednesday and Thursday.

      The week will start dry, but rain is a strong possibility by Wednesday evening, and scattered showers should linger Thursday.


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