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      It will be another pleasant evening around Mid-Michigan as temperatures cool to the lower half of the 50s under mostly clear skies tonight.

      Wednesday will start out with sunshine overhead, but clouds will be building in from the west as we get into the afternoon; temperatures will be headed for the upper half of the 70s with a few neighborhoods hitting 80 degrees.

      Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will be moving in during the later half of the afternoon moving from west to east across the region and exiting to Lake Huron by midnight.

      A few of those showers and thunderstorms could become strong producing heavy downpours, strong wind gusts and even some large hail; now is the perfect time to download the NBC 25 app for breaking news, weather alerts and Storm Ready Doppler radar on your mobile device.

      Following the scattered rain will be a few quiet and comfortable days that will include a mix of sun and clouds as well as daytime highs in the 60s and 70s.

      By Saturday the clouds will be on the increase with scattered rain returning to the area for the afternoon and evening hours; we will stay cloudy for Sunday as afternoon scattered rain continues to cover much of Mid-Michigan.

      The gray and wet weather will linger into your Monday and we could see a few showers on Tuesday, but drier weather is forecast by the middle of the week.


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