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      Rain will roll in for some of us later tonight. Most of the showers will be south of southern Saginaw county, and up into the thumb. Heavier rains are possible, with up to a quarter inch, in the Genesee Valley. Toward Detroit, those totals will be a little higher.

      We are looking at some fog for our Monday morning commute. It looks like the soupiest stuff will stay up our way. If you commute into metro Detroit, you will not see much fog, but possibly a little drizzle.

      Skies will clear a little tomorrow, with partly sunny afternoon skies, and clear skies by tomorrow night. Highs tomorrow will be near 60.

      We are going to be in the mid 60s by Tuesday afternoon, with decent sunshine. Cooler air will return along a weak cold front that will push through, along with a few showers, on Tuesday night.

      Wednesday's highs will be back down in the upper 50s, but no worries, we will rally for the weekend. Highs will be at or just above 70 all three days, with sunny skies, too boot.

      Have a fantastic Sunday night, and a great work week.

      Ahmad is in tomorrow morning for NBC25 Today. He will let you know what is up with the fog, and anything else that may impact your commute.

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