St. Johns is mint capital of the world

This week, meteorologist Kevin Usealman travels to Clinton County and the town of St. Johns.

The town is known for its mint crop and annual festival but is now becoming known for a mint chocolate product that's made in a garage.

For decades, these enormous mint fields have surrounded St. Johns in Clinton County. But in 1991, Carl Hanover had an idea to produce a locally made product to showcase the area already known as the mint capital of the world. This is St. Johns -- no ordinary town -- and this is no ordinary house. Hanover and his wife Heather have been making mints in this garage for 18 years.

"We started small and took it to Jacobson's stores," Karl Hanover said. "Other places told us where to go to sell them and we expanded that way. And its for Michigan, so we called them Michigan mints."

The family produces about 40,000 mints per day, shipped mostly in Michigan.

Online: The St. Johns Mint Festival is held the second weekend of August each year.

The Michigan Mint website.

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