The singing judge

    Instead of the Hanging judge, he's the Singing Judge! Herman Marable may not be up for a Grammy anytime soon, but this Flint Judge by day, is a karaoke singer by night.

    But Instead of singing the blues because he's not a huge star, Judge Marable uses his talents to win Karaoke contests. The money he gets, plus some from his own pocket, and some donated by Michigan State University, goes to a scholarship fund for 10th graders called the Student Of The Month program.

    "Most of the people I see I court on my criminal docket either dropped out of high school or were kicked out of high school. Its very important we stress to young people, the importance of education"

    On this night, there was no Karaoke contest. Judge Marable was just singing his heart out, to an almost empty room at a place called Silvia Joes Wagon wheels. And by the way, it TMs not just singing for students, that makes Herman Marable an NBC 25 Hero.

    Sometimes he takes time off the bench, to talk to kids, one on one, like a 13 year old middle school student, who's been having behavior problems. He tells him, he could end up be before him in his courtroom, if things don't change.

    And Judge Marable also has a Senior Citizen of the month program. "The award is actually named after my late father and my mother who is alive. And it is for Seniors over 60 involved in community service, Seniors in Genesee County. And one of the reasons why I named the award after my parents is, that they inspired me to do community service"

    Now as far as weather he'll be pursuing any record contracts any time soon, he isn't saying. But as far as his future involving the community he says definitely it will happen "I do what I do because I care about this community. I'm not a hero. Really. I'm just trying to pitch in my part to better the community"

    And by the way, as far as his singing goes, Judge Marable has won or competed in several Karaoke competitions here in Mid-Michigan, elsewhere in the Midwest and in Europe. But he's keeping all his singing success in perspective.

    "I'm not planning to give up my day job"

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