North End Soup Kitchen passed out thousands of pre-wrapped toys for children

North End Soup Kitchen passed out thousands of pre-wrapped toys for children. (Photo: Kila Peeples)

Santa's helpers had their hands full as they passed out thousands of pre-wrapped toys and goodies for children who's parents needed some assistance in buying Christmas gifts this year. Catholic Charities Community Service Director, John Manse said it was a day that was months in the making.

"Since October we registered 1,800 children in the community and today is the big day where all of the clients come back and the families get their kids gifts." Manse said. "It's been a big operation but without the donors and the schools to be able to do all of just ever would have got done."

Terrease Jenkins came to pick up a couple of gifts for her 8-year-old daughter Nevaeh. "Just some V-Tech games to go with her computer and just a doll or two, something extra to put under the Christmas tree for her."

Terrease is happy that the community helped her get that little something extra from the holidays. "It does represent our community well and it's great to have someone in the community that you know that you can go to help." Terrease said. "This is actually the 1st time I came in but I've been here to help serve food and do different I really appreciate's a good help to the community"

According to 10-year-old Carson who volunteered all day, the feeling was mutual.

"It makes me feel really good inside that i'm helping less fortunate people," Carson said. "And I'm glad that their having a really good Christmas."

The North End Soup Kitchen will be open on Christmas Day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. where there will be a Christmas lunch, pictures with Santa for the kids and presents for the whole family.

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