Ahmad's Science Club: Hurricanes


Hurricanes continue to make headlines as we hit the peak of hurricane season.

How do hurricanes form? Where do they get their fuel?

And most importantly, what can make them fall apart?

It all starts with warm ocean water. Heat rises, and as it does the moisture that goes along with it cools and condenses.

Clouds form, and continued fueling by warm and moist air adds to the strengthening cloud cover.

Convection, or the enhanced vertical motion creates storms which become larger and more widespread.

The first stage of organized convection is a Tropical Depression.

The second stage is a Tropical Storm.

And the final stage is a Hurricane.

You can check out the Saffir-Simpson scale for hurricanes from the National Hurricane Center by clicking RIGHT HERE.

The models used to forecast hurricane paths can be found HERE.

You can also track Hurricane Irma HERE.

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