Heart health: don't take no for an answer

Alanna Lee suffered from an un-diagnosed heart condition for eight years. She credits her persistence for saving her life.

Young, beautiful, great friends, newly married....Alanna Lee seems to have it all and she does, now.

"I look back and remember I felt like so many times giving up," she said. "Like I'm crazy, they must be right."

For 8 years Lee suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition.

"I remember going to a doctor and being like, it feels like a fish is flopping in my chest," she said.

Constantly tired and out of breath her condition made simple tasks like walking up the stairs seem almost impossible.

"The rate I was going, I probably wouldn't be here," Lee said.

But doctor after doctor no one could find anything "really" wrong with her.

"You feel like you're doing this by yourself, like you're fight through each and every day to keep going."

Finally after doing research which lead to a specialist in Midland, she was diagnosed with a form of congenital heart disease. While there is no cure, Lee underwent surgery and now lives a relatively normal life. But her story is anything but, and one cardiovascular nurse Deb Best says we can learn a lot from Lee.

"Who is responsible for your body? Is it your doctor? No. It's you," Best said.

Best says one of the most important things you can do is listen to your body. If something is wrong tell your doctor, be persistent, you are your own advocate.

"There's only one of you and you have to be the one that takes care of that person," Best said.

A message Alanna wants any woman out there watching to know.

"You know your body more than anybody else," she said. "If you feel like something is wrong, keep going. You get a door slammed in your face, you go to the next one."

You can learn more about Lee's condition and the Go Red movement by clicking here.

Click here, to sign up for this year's Go Red for Women Conference in Saginaw on February 11.

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