Fenton man paying it forward

Herman Ferguson pay it forward winner

Herman Ferguson realized at the age of 10 his mission to pay it forward, "a few days before Christmas a big white truck backed up in our driveway that said Fenton Kiwanis backed up into our driveway and they started bringing in food and presents"

Ferguson helps as a motivational speaker with the Fenton high school football team.

Football player Alex Okopien said, "he's got this aura about him, he wants to do good things and make a difference."

Herman gives all the credit for his success to his mom, "shes 82 now , shes about 5 foot 1 and 90 pounds and fighting cancer and has lost two sons went through so much heartache and pain and her life and she never complained."

Just recently Herman started a campaign handing out bracelets that have the word COPS written on the plastic. COPS stands for concern over police safety.

It was an interaction with an officer Ferguson had at Trooper at Chad Wolf's funeral that inspired him to act.

Patty George nominated Herman and said he was the perfect candidate to receive a five-hundred dollar check.

"We can all make a difference, herman has just made the decision to make a difference," said Patty George.

Click here to go to Ferguson's C.O.P.S Facebook page.

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