Montrose diner pays it forward with burgers

The sign outside of Roxy's Diner in Montrose.

The spirit of generosity is spreading across the tables at a Genesee County restaurant. The owner of Roxy's Diner in Montrose started a "buy a burger, give a burger" campaign and now she has hundreds of burgers to give away.

Roxanne Delacruz says she just wants to help.

â??Mother Theresa said if you can't feed 100 people, feed just one and Iâ??ve always lived by that,â?? says Delacruz.

Two months since the pay a burger forward movement started, Roxanne can feed 300 people, thanks to the burgers donated by customers like Dan Sage.

â??It's like family in here,â?? says Sage who is known as Poppa Dan at Roxyâ??s. Heâ??s not surprised by the generosity.

â??When my wife had cancer, they had a benefit spaghetti dinner for her, raised over $4,000 for her hospital bills and we needed it,â?? says Sage.

So Dan, like many customers, bought a burger and paid it forward. He says there's a special spirit at Roxy's.

â??It's the holy spirit,â?? says Sage.

â??Our customers really opened up their hearts and generously donated in the spirit of random act of kindness,â?? says Delacruz.

While not many people have taken Roxanne up on her free burger offer, she's hoping to help those in need, no matter the need.

â??Pride might get in the way but really for any reason they can use this program. I don't care if you're driving by and you forgot your wallet that day,â?? says Delacruz.

â??Put the word out. Don't let pride be a hindrance,â?? says Sage. â??Just come on out. Roxy's Diner, Montrose."

â??Any reason you can come by, our doors are open,â?? says Delacruz.

Roxanne is only charging $2 per donated hamburger. She says she's received donations as far away as Texas.

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