Pay It Forward - "Crazy Cat Lady"

Gretchen "Cat Lady" Sommer NBC25-Independent Bank Pay It Forward winner

To call her a "Cat Lover" would be a huge understatement. Gretchen Sommer is the inspiration behind an animal rescue facility near Grand Blanc she calls "Lucky Day." Not your ordinary rescue facility, the animals freely roam this 18-hundred square foot, early 20th century farm house. Gretchen says "We call this the Crazy Cat Lady farm." 35 mature felines, some of them victims of abuse, who permanently live there, un-caged and under one roof. The house is absolutely humans live there! "A lot of the ones we take have been really wronged by humans," she says, "So just to see them trust us again is so cool."

Nominated by fellow animal rights supporter Angela Roth who, coincidentally, was our very first NBC25-Independent Bank "Pay It Forward" winner, Gretchen "Cat Lady" Sommer is out latest honoree.

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