NBC25/FOX66 announces partnership with local organization to replace, rebuild playgrounds

In September NBC25 helped build a brand new playground at Berston Field House in Flint. (WEYI)

In September NBC25 helped build a brand new playground at Berston Field House in Flint.

That was just the beginning.

We've partnered with the Make an Impact Foundation, the United Way, the Foundation for Flint and the city to do it again this summer, with even more in store this time around.

Broome Park is just one of the two locations NBC25 and the foundations we mentioned earlier will be replacing and rebuilding a brand new playground.

These organizations believe by bringing in new equipment, they can transform the neighborhood around it too.

And because of the success from last year's build at Berston Field House, people wanted to get involved, so now there's enough in the budget for not one, but two new playgrounds.

On the city's northwest side, Hasselbring Park once had equipment, but it was taken out because it was old, and the city couldn’t replace it because of a lack of money.

But now, they hope by transforming these spaces they'll transform the neighborhood around them.

“What we’re looking at focusing on is how do we impact the neighborhood around here but also the former school, a church, a safe YMCA. safe places to play. We want to be able to build a facility that everyone can utilize have a nice place to play while impacting the most kids possible,” said Flint city planner Adam Moore.

There's a design day coming up in June where they'll go to the local schools to get the kids input, and they are still $20,000 short of their goal.


Donate to the playground fund

NBC25 partners with local organizations to rebuild, replace area playgrounds

New playgrounds coming to Flint

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