CONNECT TO CONGRESS: Congressman Mitchell on Singapore Summit, Opioids

congressman mitchell.JPG

In today’s Connect to Congress, Congressman Mitchell and Bill Harris spoke about opioids and the Singapore Summit.

Congressman Mitchell believes that the president was successful in breaking the process where North Korea acts badly and then the U.S. imposes concession and they act badly. He says the president sat down with the North Koreans and laid out a plan moving forward.

“I think that it’s important to bring North Korea into the rest of the world. We can’t continue to think we can ignore that and hope that nothing bad happens.”

Coming back to the topic of opioids, the nation’s growing addiction to prescription painkillers will command much of Congress’ attention over the next two weeks as House lawmakers consider dozens of bills that they hope will help curb the deadly opioid epidemic.

“One person dies in less than four hours,” said Congressman Mitchell.

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