Flint residents not ready to stop using water filters

Photo Credit: Sarah Jaeger

FLINT, Mich. -- The findings from Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards's latest study concerning the water in Flint shows lead levels below the EPA's recommendation. However, he's still advising residents to continue using their filters.

After over two years, 1,239 days to be exact, using bottled water and filters has simply become a way of life for the people living in the Vehicle City.

"I think that’s the most difficult just making sure my grandkids aren’t harmed in any way with the current water situation," says Andrea Newman. She has lived in Flint for the last two years.

"I actually still go and purchase the gallon waters from the market versus having to open every individual bottle," says Newman.

Flint resident Kelly Kropiewnicki opts to go to the water distribution centers every month.

"Day to day living is essentially just making sure we have bottled water at home to cook and to drink," says Kropiewnicki. "I have a toddler and a dog so they go through water a lot. I have to stock up 12 cases at a time generally."

On average, distribution centers hand out roughly 3,000 bottles of water and over 200 filters a day.

Despite today's announcement, many are still leery of turning back on their faucets without these filters.

"I don’t know," says Newman. "I probably never will to be honest with you just because of how the whole situation was reveled and not being released the information exactly when it happened. I probably won’t ever drink the faucet water after this point now. I don’t trust it."

"I feel a lot more comfortable now just bathing my child and washing my clothes and dishes in the water I have to use at home," says Kropiewnicki. "It’s difficult but it’s something I’ve grown used too. It’s been going on for two years. Day to day this is what I’m used to now."


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