Miscommunication slows down FAST start pipe replacement plan in Flint

Another major error regarding the lead pipe replacement in Flint has residents worried. (WEYI)

FLINT, Mich. --Another major error regarding the lead pipe replacement in Flint has residents worried.

Just last week the Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality demanded answers from the city of Flint and Mayor Karen Weaver regarding hundreds of pipes that were not replaced at the end of 2017.

Now resident who've already had their service lines fix are getting notice they need them replaced yet again.

This includes Leeanne Walters who helped raise the red flag about the water crisis in Flint.

Leeanne says she came home to find the notice on her door and was shocked by what it said.

“I started reading it and was like are you kidding me? Seriously, I’m getting the letter to get my service line replaced?”

She says that her line was replaced back in 2015, before the crisis was declared in Flint.

So she called Goyette Mechanical, the company assigned to replace the pipes in her neighborhood.

Dominic Goyette is the president of Goyette Mechanical, one of the five companies contracting with the city for the FAST Start program.

“There's been some confusion from the city. There's been some confusion as far as old records and so forth. It's very possible another contractor replaced their line one or two years ago but we were given the address,” said Goyette.

This year, work for the program started a month later than expected which Goyette says could also explain some of the misunderstanding.

Walters says residents deserve better.

They should be on the ball, they should be knowing what they are doing.”

Walters says she's not the only one in her neighborhood to already have the pipes replaced and get this notice.

Our Sarah Jaeger reached out to the company managing the FAST Start program who says flyers were sent to all residents in affected work areas regardless of whether or not work is being done on their individual service line.

They add that people who had their line replaced can simply disregard the letter.

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