New water meters could mean big problems for Flint water customers

Flint City Council is hoping to use $750,000 to help offset costs when new water meters are placed in thousands of homes. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Flint has slowly replaced broken water meters, and unusable transponders, for the past two years.

However, when the new meters are installed in homes it often leads to the shocking news once the customer gets their new water bill.

Currently, there are thousands of water bills with estimate amounts, once the new meters are installed customers may receive higher bills amounts dating back years

The ensuing bill could jump by hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one month.

Now the city will be spending $10 Million to purchase a new meter for every active water customer. Flint City Councilman Eric Mays says that could be unwelcome news for customers who thought they were paying their bill in full every month.

“With that many water meters going in, we don’t know what we will find,” Mays says.

To get ahead of the problem Mays, and the city council, are hoping to use $750,000 from the Great Lakes Water Authority deal to help offset those future costs.

“There could be more people who have estimated bills and the money could be gone before other customers get a new meter. We are going to stay on top of it and do what we can for those customers who deserve better,” Mays says.

The city council is waiting to receive the $750,000 from GLWA. Once it has arrived, the council will move forward with more specifics on the program.

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