Exercise outdoors? Be seen

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If your gym is the great outdoors, chances are you share your biking, walking or running path with cars and trucks.

If you work out during the dark evening or morning hours- when it is still dark, this time of year- you have to make sure drivers can see you.

Even in the light of day, when you're on foot, you can be hard for drivers to see.

"You want to wear reflective so people can see you on the roads," says Brad Brown of Complete Runner in Flint.

But, you have to remember, "bright" and "reflective" are not the same thing, "Neon, which is going to be very bright, but it's not going to be reflective. If it's reflective, when artificial light hits it, it's actually going to glow."

The company's logo or a stripe will not give you enough reflection, Brad says, "You want to do all of the points or your joints, so you can actually see someone running or walking."

You can get an entirely reflective piece, that will really let drivers know you are there, Brad says, "Once they notice that it's a person, they react differently than if they just see a light or something shiny."

If you are worried you need to buy a new wardrobe to be safe, however, don't be.

Brad says you can give your existing workout duds a little makeover with budget friendly reflective tape, "They've actually made stick on and iron on kits. So you can turn anything you have into a reflective piece."

A great compliment to the reflective gear are small lights you can wear while you exercise. They make these lights in wrist bands, clip ons, for shoes, hand held versions, and even little head lamps. There are actually some pretty sophisticated headlamps available.

Brand showed us one of those, "This is kind of an upgraded model so you actually don't have to touch it in order to switch settings. It uses a wave motion, which is great for runers or walkers. Say you've got your gloves on and you don't wanna fumble around with it. You just wave your hand over it and it can go to the next setting."

The lights will not only help you be seen, but actually see where you are going.

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