Golfers of every ability get a chance to play

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Nothing like a lovely stroll through the rolling countryside we like to call, 'the golf course'. And there is a program in the Flint area that offers golfers of every ability a chance to get back into or to start playing the game."

This is Dan Dixon's tenth year in the Adaptive Golf Program, through McLaren Medical Center.

"I just heard about it, and we came to check it out, and I started golfing," says Dan, who has Cerebral Palsey.

Dan has been involved in sports all of his life. So has Sherrie Neff.

Sherrie was an avid golfer until she suffered a stroke and lost some of the ability on her right side.

"The things I could do before, I can't do 'em now, it's like half, but who cares?! I'm still out here having fun, enjoying it."

There's all kinds of equipment, all designed so that golfers of every ability can participate, either playing the game they love, or trying one they've always wanted to explore.

"It's about different abilities. People who have suffered stroke, spinal corde injury, head injury, amputation, or people who have had something like arthritis or hip or knee replacement," says McLaren recreational therapist Kellie Stites.

She says the program offers more than special equipment, it paves the way to new friendships, especially since it has a league that meets at Swartz Creek Golf Course every week during the summer.

"If you can't golf the whole nine, you sit a whole, golf a hole," Kellie says, "But what really is golf about? It's about being outside, enjoying, being around other golfers and trying to hit that little round ball into the hole."

As sherrie found out, adaptive golf is also about re-discovering what you *can* do, "It's amazing what you can do when you have difficulties, you know; and it's just amazing what you can do. Just try it."

Dan says, it really is just that simple, "You come out here, have fun and go golfing."

If this sounds great to you, but you don't have any equipement, or don't know where to start, that's okay. McLaren's Adaptive Golf Program offers clinics and workshops, along with the weekly league, all at Swartz Creek Golf Course in Flint.

There is a workshop coming up, Saturday, there is a workshop coming up Friday, April 28th for more information, click this link.

For more information about the entire program, visit

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