MIND Diet may help prevent dementia


Add one part Mediterranean Diet, to one part DASH Diet, and you may just have a recipe for dementia prevention.

They are two similar diets. Both are very popular among cardiologists.

The Mediterranean and DASH diets are believed to help prevent heart disease and stroke. The DASH Diet is designed specifically to prevent hypertension.

"We have known for a long time that the mediterranean diet, which emphasises plant based foods as well, as olive oil- I think it incorporates fish as well- that those two diets combined may have a role in preventing dementia," says Covenant Cancer Center Registered Dietician Nutritionist Ann Hoffman.

Rush Univeristy researchers call the hybrid plan the MIND Diet. Hoffman, says there is simple logic behind it, "There are very limited studies, but it would make sense because both of those diets seem to help with cardiovascular disesae prevention, stroke prevention, lowering blood pressure. And so, if we can work on getting blood flow more effectively to the brain."

The MIND Diet centers on shopping the outer perimeter of the grocery store, and targeting nutrition lables with as few ingredients as possible.

"Getting back to those wholesome foods, close to the farm," Hoffman adds, "Fresh fruits and vegetables, produce, fresh meat, lean meats. Trying to use more of those fresh foods versus processed foods."

Research to date shows the MIND Diet helps reduce the risk of specific brain diseases, that also increse the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

Ann Hoffman is teaching a class, detailing the MIND Diet plan. You can still sign up here.

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