Short term health insurance options

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The affordable care act makes it illegal to go without health insurance, but a lot of people do.

"In the state of Michigan you've got over 500-thousand people right now who are uninsured," says Jan Dubaskas, the general counsel for

The average monthly health insurance premium in Michigan is 380 dollars.

Dubaskis, says most of the unisured simply can't afford coverage, "When you couple that with the high deductibles, that's really just turning out to be very unaffordable for people, and they're choosing to go without."

The majority of uninsured in Michigan and across the country are between the ages of 45 and 64.

"That's 8-million people who are uninsured in that age range. And, generally that's because their income is too high to recieve subsidies, but not high enough to be willing to pay all of the costs associated with the premium and the deductible," Dubaskas says.

Depending on their situation, many of the uninsured may actually qualify for another option, short term medical insurance.

"Someone who's between jobs. Someone who missed open enrollment. Someone who doesn't want to pay the high cost of Cobra," Dubaskas says.

Short term coverage can be more cost effective, Dubaskas says, "The typical premium, on a short term medical plan is 100 to 200 dollars per month."

The trouble with most short term insurance is that it typically will not cover pre-existing conditions.

"Short term medical is designed typically to cover unexpected accidents and illnesses," Dubaskas says.

She says, one company, Connect Plus, offers a short term policy with more broad coverage, "Connect Plus would offer up to 25-thousand dollars of coverage for certain pre-existing conditions."

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