The right running shoes

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Brad Brown is a Crim Training group leader and owner of Complete Runner in Flint. He knows running shoes.

"The running shoe is made to propel someone forward, absorb all that impact, do all those kind of things," he says.

The right running shoe can help prevent injury to your knees and ankles.

So, Brad says, not just any running shoe will do for you, "People that come in and maybe look just on the sale rack, or buy something online, or something like that, that's where they get into trouble, is they assume that that shoe is going to fit the same as their every day shoe, which it doesn't."

Your best running shoe, he adds, most likely, literally, won't be the same size you are used to, "Most of the time it's a full size over a dress shoe or a casual shoe. So, you have to have room in there. So, as your foot swells, it's not going to pinch your toes. It's not going to be too tight and constrictive."

If the shoe fits you should also avoid what some people think are just normal running related foot issues.

"You should not get blisters. You should not lose any toenails or get bruised toenails," Brad tells me.

Size is actually just one three elements to getting the right fit with running shoes.

Brad says you have to analyze the foot, "See exactly how high or how low your arch is. "

Then, it's time to look a little higher, and watch your ankles while you walk, Brad says, "Seeing if, as you walk, if they roll in at all, which would be pronation, or if you're straight up and down, which is neutral."

All that information helps narrow down your shoe selection.

Brad says, you should still, however, try on several pair, "We'll bring out a minimum of maybe three shoes, and that kind of gives them kind of an idea of what they might like and may not like. And then we can really dial in the perfect shoe for them."

If you want to get the most out of your awesome new shoes, make sure you choose the right sock. Avoid cotton. It holds moisture close to your feet.

"Do like a poly blend, merino wool, and that takes all the moisture and keeps it away from your skin, which cuts down on odor and blisters," Brad says.

If you haven't yet, you can still sign up to participate in the Crim Festival of Races. There are several events to choose from.

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