Cats of Calhoun County, ready for new homes


Just last month, over 100 cats were rescued from a home in Calhoun County. About 20 of those cats came to mid-Michigan.

Guido is one of the cats at the Humane Society of Genesee County. All starved for love and attention, but Guido and his former housemates are safe, well fed, and looking for furever homes.

Authorities removed the cats, living in what they describe as a hoarding situation, from a Calhoun County home. There were at least 113 cats living in there.

It is a case that some, like Gretchen Sommer, of Lucky Day animal rescue in Holly, would call 'complicated'.

"I don't think this was a bad person. I think this was a person trying to do the right thing, but who got overwhelmed."

Lucky Day teamed up with the Humane Soceity of Genesee County, taking in nearly two-dozen of the rescued cats.

"Considering what they have been through, they were all in great shape. Most of them were fixed," Sommer adds.

Guido will join other special needs cats at Lucky Day. The Humane Society took in the rest. Now, nearly two weeks after arriving, they're doing well.

"A couple of them have upper respiratory infections, but that is not unusual in a case like this, where you have had a lot of cats living in close quarters," says Ruth Cantor, the executive director of the HSGC.

The cats are not only physically healthy, Cantor says, they seem unphased by all they've been through, "They're affectionate and playful and ready to go home."

Each of the rescued cats is adult, and while it may be tempting to take home a kitten from the shelter, these full-grown cats are ready to start new lives and be part of loving families.

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