Play is safe with your pets

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We're not the only ones who spend more time outdoors and on the go in the summer. This is a busy time for a lot of pets too. But, before you head out for some summer fun, make sure your pet is playing it safe.

One of the best things about summertime in michigan, water, water everywhere, says Katie Zehnder, "Being by the great lakes, there is lots of opportunity for fun in the water; and pets love to be in the water."

Which is why Katie makes sure her frankenmuth store, "Hello Cats & Dogs" in the River Place shops, in Frankemuth, is well stocked with pet life vests, "Whether you have a little dog or you have a larger dog, we have it for all sizes."

Not sure on the size? No problem, Katie says, "We love to have pets in the store. we prefer you to believe them in. It's great when we have cats and dogs in the store with us."

While you are there, try out some rain gear, Katie suggests, "Just a fun little accessory for them too- but practical, really."

While they look like matching rainboots, Katie says booties for dogs can actually be a big help for pets, "A lot of times we have pets come in who were injured, and get the little booties just to cover that up and let it heal."

If you can get your dog to wear them, the boots can also help prevent injury, "In the summer, sidewalks can get a little warmer and it protects the pads on their feet."

There is another danger for pets and their humans: Dark nights and early mornings. Reflective and glow in the dark vests, leashes, collars and even toys are popular sellers, all year long.

Glowing or not, never let your pet leave home without proper ID. Microchipping is important, but always have a name tag, with phone number, on your pet's collar, for a quick reunion if you do get separated.

Remember also, to keep your pet on flea and tick, and heartworm preventative. Even if you use those, check your pet for ticks, every time you come in from some outdoor fun.

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