Travelling with pets? Don't forget....

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If you bring a pet along on a family road trip, it's easy to remember things like a leash and dog treats. But there are other things you should make sure you pack, just in case your pet has an emergency.

If you are braving the heavy northbound traffic for the holiday weekend, in hopes of getting closer to nature, keep one little critter in mind: ticks.

The huge danger with ticks is that they can carry lyme disease. We humans use tick repellant, but should you use those on your pets?

Dr. Mike Fleming, of Cross Veterinary in Grand Blanc, says, "It depends on your philosophy on that stuff as far as throwing chemicals onto your dog. There is stuff that's safe, but it is a chemical."

Your best bet, Fleming says, is to have your pet on a regular flea and tick preventative- along with heart worm (carried by mosquitoes) preventative- "There are some products out now that do a fantastic job at that."

Once you get the bug worries out of the way, Fleming says, pack some extra sunscreen for your pet, "The white dogs or cats- or if they have a thinner coat, or the bridge of their nose. You can definitely put sunscreen on the areas where they don't have hair. "

Make sure you pack along some canine first aid supplies, "People go up north, and the dogs going to be running in the woods. Have bandage materia. They have certain wraps and bandages that you can put on dogs in case they encounter a little laceration or something like that."

Throw in a triple antibiotic ointment, and anti-itch cream, along with some Benedryl for allergey emergencies. Remember to pack any prescription medications your pet takes.

Your pet may need a little something for the car ride, too, "Some people should probably have some sedatives on hand for their dog, becasue they don't travel well. And, they get car sick and there are car-sick medications."

Your pet should be microchipped. Even if they are, in case your pet gets lost, make sure you have a good, recent picture of two of your pet.

Dr. Fleming cautions against leaving home without proper pet identification, "ID, phone number on your dog's collar, so they can call you if they get lost."

Finally, you pack along a cooler for yourself. Dont' forget to bring some extra water, and a dish for your pet.

Also, just in case your trip lasts a little longer than expected, pack along a little extra food.

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