3 years, 4 surgeries later mother hears son's voice for first time

Mother Keyonna and her son Major together just a week after Major talks for the first time. (Photo credit: Amanda Chodnicki)

For many mothers, seeing their baby take its first steps and say its first words is an exciting time.

But for one Saginaw mother, those moments took a little longer.

She's now hearing her 3-year-old son Major talk for the first time.

Like most toddlers, Major loves to dance, go to Chuck E. Cheese and even play football with his big brothers.

But recently he now has a new ability that many of us take for granted and that's talking on his own.

For some time, waving hello is all Major could do.

But three years and four surgeries later, he finally discovered his voice.

It may be just a little whisper, but his mother Keyonna calls it a big gift.

"It's what we've been waiting for," Keyonna Winfield.

Major was born at 24 weeks, weighing only 1 pound and 13 ounces.

His mother said he had a number of complications, including the inability to talk and breathe on his own.

"His esophagus was pressed into his vocal cord," she said.

Now, one month after his surgery, Major can finally speak to his family, who couldn't wait to hear his voice.

"I never heard him talk," Major's sister Sa'Niya said. "He just sounded like a robot."

His five siblings said they couldn't wait for the day to do more than just play football, but to have a conversation with their baby brother.

"Actually the things he's doing now, they said he wouldn't do," Keyonna said. "That he wouldn't be caught up in life until he was five."

But he has passed doctor's expectations and is dancing through this life with a smile.

Keyonna said doctors hope to officially take Major's medical Trac out sometime in the next six months to a year, allowing him to breathe on his own.

For those interested in helping this single mother of five with medical expenses, send an email to reporter Amanda Chodnicki at

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