300 new housing units coming to Flint after $30 Million federal grant

A $30 Million grant from HUD will build two new housing developments in the City of Flint. Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson came to Flint to announce a major investment in housing for the city of Flint. The department awarded the city with a $30 Million Choice Neighborhood Initiative Grant during a ceremony on Thursday. The money will be used to build more than 300 mixed-income housing units for two areas of the city. The first location will be at North Saginaw and Wood Street, and the other at South Saginaw and Atherton Street.

Some of the new tenants are already living nearby. People currently living in Atherton East Housing will be moved into the new spaces when they are complete. At which point Atherton East will be demolished and returned to greenspace for the surrounding neighborhood.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver says the locations of the new developments were strategically planned. Specifically, people living in the Wood Street development because it is within walking distance of the new Lear Plant being built.

“This does span both sides of the downtown area. The development started with the downtown and we’ve received criticism for not expanding some of these opportunities to other parts of the city and now we have. This will create a great corridor to help more development through a longer stretch of Saginaw Street,” Weaver says.

The first step in the project will begin at the Saginaw/Wood location in the spring of 2019. It’s scheduled to be completed with residents moving in by spring of 2020. Once all four phases of the project are completed it will add 322 new living spaces for residents.

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