Federal emergency in Flint ends

The federal state of emergency expired Sunday. That means the federal money Flint was getting to buy bottled water and filters is no longer coming to the Vehicle City. (Photo Credit: Charles Crouse)

The federal state of emergency expired Sunday. That means the federal money Flint was getting will no longer be available but the state will continue to make sure Flint residents are helped.

The state budget office says $6 million of state money was set aside to pay for bottled water and filters. According to the Joint Information Center, it has been costing $117,400 a day to provide these services.

A spokesperson for the state budget office says it was intended that the $6 million would last another year. But until now the state has only had to pay 25 percent of the cost with the federal government paying 75 percent.

A spokesperson for the governor says the filtered water is now safe for everyone to drink, and is urging more people in Flint to drink the filtered water instead of bottled water.

"That cuts down on the use of bottled water obviously to help keep some of those costs down but also it's about making sure that the water continues to flow as much as possible within the system because that's helping heal the system,” said Ari Adler, Director of Communications for Governor Rick Snyder.

Adler did say if this money runs out before the tap water is deemed safe in Flint the governor would push for more funding to buy bottled water and filters.

Republican State Senator Ken Horn of Frankenmuth says if the governor asks for more funding for Flint he would not hesitate in supporting that measure.

Democratic State Senator Jim Ananich’s spokesperson also issued this statement: "Senator Ananich will always push to make sure his community has access to safe water. Whether that's more filters, bottled water, or more funding to replace pipes, he will fight to make sure the state keeps its promise to fix the disaster it caused."

State funds are still being used to support health efforts and repair infrastructure. The state budget office says to date $234 million dollars has been allocated to the water crisis.

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