8-year-old Midland girl uses music to get through hospital visit

    An 8-year-old Midland girl uses music to get through her hospital visit. (Amanda Chodnicki)

    Some get through traumatic events with the help of a therapy dog or a journal.

    But for 8-year-old Evie Hurst of Midland, it’s music that calms her down.

    While undergoing testing at the University of Michigan C.C. Mott Children’s Hospital, Evie used music therapy and sang to get through the procedure.

    Not only is Evie terrified of doctors, but she is also blind so she had no idea what was happening around her.

    “She needs to be restrained in order to get a procedure done and it’s really difficult for me to watch,” Katie Hurst, Evie’s mom, said.

    But with the help of music therapist Emma Wymer, Evie’s demeanor completely changed.

    “[When] I came into the room, Evie was very anxious, crying, not having a good time,” Wymer said. “Then we started singing a ‘Moana’ song and she started to calm right down, regulate her breathing, kind of slow down her heart rate.”

    Her mom recorded Evie singing her favorite song, ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ and she posted it on Facebook.

    Katie Hurst said it’s like Evie’s go-to theme song.

    Whether she’s singing at home, or at the hospital, Katie said music is what gets her little girl through all the bad.

    “Evie is trapped in her past, so when I watch her sing it’s like watching her be free to be herself,” Katie said.

    A hospital rep said they are hoping to create a state-of-the-art music studio called Sophie’s Place.

    They said this will help to expand their music therapy program and offer kids more opportunities to engage with music.

    If you are interested in helping little ones like Evie get this experience, you can click here to donate.

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