Allegiant announces new flights from Flint to Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Allegiant announces new, non-stop flights from Flint to Fort Lauderdale and Myrtle Beach. (WEYI/WSMH)

FLINT, Mich. --If you've got sandy beaches and sunshine on your mind, it's just a plane ride away. Allegiant will soon have two new, non-stop routes to Fort Lauderdale and Myrtle Beach flying out of Flint Bishop International Airport.

The two non-stop flights start taking off on June 6.

"We did market research around the Flint area and people want nonstop, ultra-low cost routes to myrtle beach and Fort Lauderdale,” says Allegiant PR specialist Michelle Whaley.

Those low fares starting at just $58 to Myrtle Beach and $76 to Fort Lauderdale.

Allegiant already flies to Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa.

Airport Director Craig Williams says expanding air service is key to increasing flier at Bishop airport.

"We have to fight for people because everyone has a choice here, there's five airports within an hour and a half of this area so we've got to make ourselves stand out in some way,” says Williams.

New routes have benefits two-fold.

"It, on one hand, to allow the leisure travelers to go on vacation, some place nice that they can go nonstop right from our airport right from their hometown airport but its also important for the businesses not only the businesses that are here that are going places but also because it puts us on the map for businesses that want to come Genesee County and Flint."

The flights to Myrtle Beach and Fort Lauderdale will run twice a week starting June 6.

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