Anti-bullying 'Relentess Tour' comes to Grand Blanc

    Anti-bullying 'Relentess Tour' comes to Grand Blanc. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

    GRAND BLANC, Mich. Anthony Ianni is the first known person with autism to play college basketball.

    The former Spartan was in Grand Blanc to talk about what it's like to be bullied.

    This is part of his Relentless Tour where he's trying to visit as many Michigan schools as possible.

    By sharing his own stories, he hopes to stop kids from being bullied.

    "It tells me number 1, I am doing my job. But, most importantly it tells me that these kids are going out making the changes they want to see, not just in their schools, but in their communities as well,” Ianni said.

    Ianni truly defied all odds.

    After being told he couldn't, he played in two Big Ten Championships and a Final Four.

    And graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in sociology.

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