Attorney for teen in Linden school shooting plot says more charges could be coming

Attorneys for three teens charged in Linden school shooting plot stand in font of Judge Goggins in Genessee County District Court

The attorney's for Ryan Stevens of Linden, Cody Brewer of Wolverine Lake, and Lamarr Dukes of West Bloomfield appeared in front of Genessee District Court Judge David Goggins Thursday morning. The hearing was postponed so prosecutors could provide discovery evidence before the case could go forward.

The three teens are accused of plotting to go to Linden High School and kill at least one student, and possibly more. Authorities arrested them on October 29, just one day before the plot was allegedly supposed to take place.

Brewer and Stevens are facing Attempted First Degree Premeditated Murder and Terrorism charges in the case. Dukes is facing Conspiracy to Commit Murder, along with the terrorism charge.

Attorney Ken Karasick is representing Stevens in the case. He says his client is remorseful for what happened.

"That's the one good thing we can say is that he realized how stupid it was. He's sitting in jail terrified and scared, and wants to go home," Karasick says.

However he hinted that more serious charges may be on the way against the trio.

"There's other issues that may crop up that could perhaps be even more serious than the shooting," Karasick says.

Attorney Elbert Hatchett is representing Lamarr Dukes. He says his client would never have gone through with the alleged plot.

"I don't think my client is a risk to anybody. He's hurting right now because of what he did. Hopefully the court will restore some of his freedom so he can get back to home and get back in school,"

All three defendants are due back in court on November 18.

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