Attorney General Dana Nessel provides updates on Michigan's top 3 investigations

    Attorney General Dana Nessel provides updates on Michigan’s top three investigations. (WEYI)

    LANSING, Mich. -- Attorney General Dana Nessel provided updates on Michigan’s top three investigations.

    She started off her briefing with an update on the Flint Water Crisis.

    There are 79 civil cases and eight active criminal cases.

    Attorney General Nessel adds that there were very few people were handling the criminal cases in the AG’s office when she started.

    “It was really important for us to have people working on these cases that were accountable to this office and accountable to the state," she said.

    Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud also added that “If more charges need to be brought, we will bring them."

    Solicitor General Hammoud was also asked of former governor Rick Snyder would be re-interviewed about the Flint Water Crisis.

    She replied, “no one is above the law.”

    Attorney General Nessel then provided an update on the Michigan State University investigation related to Larry Nassar.

    Nessel said that full and complete cooperation with MSU has been challenging, even after the trustees asked for investigation.

    She also said that the school has fought the school “every step of the way” after over 7,500 documents were requested by the state.

    “It's time for Michigan State University to do the right thing," Nessel said.

    She urged the trustees to step up and provide the remaining documents in question.

    Nessel’s last update was on the statewide Catholic Church diocese investigation.

    The investigation has seized and is investigating hundreds of thousands of documents, according to Nessel.

    In addition, more than 300 tips have come into the attorney general’s hotline.

    Nessel said investigators will be going into communities. She tells people that if someone knocks on your door, "ask to see their badge, not their rosary," because she believes churches are self-policing.

    She also compared the Catholic church investigation to the MSU investigation, adding that both are trying to “protect their brand.”


    Attorney General Dana Nessel provides updates on Michigan’s top three investigations.

    Those include the Flint Water Crisis, the investigation at Michigan State University related to Larry Nassar and the investigations into the Catholic Church related to clergy abuse.

    Dana Nessel took charge of the office in January. All three probes began under her predecessor, Bill Schuette.

    This will be Nessel’s first public briefing.

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