Bay City mother warns others after son, his friends shot with paintball gun


Incidents involving paintball guns are popping up across Bay City.

Three victims shared their story with FOX66/ NBC25 News reporter Amanda Chodnicki.

"It scared me when they called me and said they got shot," mother Angie Powell said.

No mother wants to get that kind of phone call, but that's what happened to Powell when her son Shaun called her Saturday evening.

"They were like, 'No, mom, a paintball gun,'" Powell said.

The boys said they were minding their own business, walking on the sidewalk in front of Jan's Party Store, when all of a sudden they heard a car followed by shots.

"We actually thought it was a real gun, so we dropped to the ground so that way we didn't get shot again," one of the boys said.

Luckily, they just have a few welts and a couple stains on their shirts.

However, Powell fears it could have been a lot worse and not just for her son and his friends, but for the people with the paintball guns.

"You never know," she said. "People think, 'Oh, that's a real gun,' and then more than likely, they're going to pull their real gun out and shoot them."

Powell said she did file a police report and police told her this wasn't the first incident they heard of this week.

She said the car that targeted the boys was red.

FOX66/ NBC25 reached out to Bay City Public Safety and they were unable to comment.

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