Buena Vista Township official says medical marijuana will bring more crime


Some Buena Vista Township officials are being very candid saying if medical marijuana is approved, it will increase crime.

At a Thursday night public hearing, an ordinance was approved to bring the town one step closer to growing and selling marijuana legally.

Most of the residents say they are hopeful that the new businesses will bring more foot traffic and taxes into the community.

The town superintendent, Torrie McAfee says she has talked to the police chief about crime.

This comes as there have been recent recent robberies at medical marijuana facilities in our state.

"We do you know with the approval there will be more crime."

McAfee says she doesn't think the new industry will bring in enough money to expand the police force.

"The amount of money they are actually talking about the township will receive would not even pay for one additional police officer" she says.

Despite this, voters say they want the potential business.

"There's been slow growth here so they see it as an opportunity" she says.

The ordinance was approved. It will now go in front of the town board and it will decide whether to make any changes. They are set to meet at the end of the month

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