Can't find a job? This can help

    Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

    (FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. ) Retired worker Zo'e Montae is hopeful the program called "HYPE" can help her.

    Montae says "now I'm trying to get a job. But i can't stand for 8 hours, I'm 68 but that doesn't mean I've given up I'd like to find work""

    HYPE stands for helping young people find employment.

    It's free and run by a faith-based non-profit. It was so successful, the state asked its leader to branch out and offer something for adults.

    "Today is the first day of classes".

    The program, is operated by Faith Foundation Resources.

    It's all to develop the skills needed to find work.

    Angela Lots, the executive director of Faith Foundation Resources says "Many times when adults haven't worked in a few years, they lose their confidence during interviews. Can they interview well, resume needs to be updated and they don't have the skills or the tools. "

    Many of the jobs are in the service sector including places like Sams, Walmart, Olive Garden and 5th Third Bank.

    Previous classes focused on those with disabilities where the rewards were inspirational from one man.

    Lots says "I got the job! Then he says you are so blessed, I've been through several job training programs and this is the only one to get me a job"!

    They're required to take the 8 week class.

    For more information go to or call 810-766-9335

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