Caro Community Hospital joins McLaren Health Care

Caro Community Hospital joins McLaren Health Care

CARO, Mich. - A major announcement from a Mid-Michigan hospital.

Caro community hospital announced they're joining McLaren Health Care and will become McLaren Caro Region Hospital.

The CEO of Caro Community Hospital says joining McLaren Health care provides an opportunity for expansion and a promising future.

CEO Marc Augsburger says the board decided that joining the corporate health care system was in the best interest of the residents.

"The resources that McLaren at the size that they are will just provide us with unlimited growth opportunities, bring additional specialist to keep the care right here in town," says Augsburger.

Augsburger says the hospital will retain its current management and when you walk in most things will look the same.

"We're not being taken over and torn apart and replaced, we're going to look tomorrow and a year from now like we do right now.

Although he wouldn't get specific with numbers, he says the biggest impact will come from funding.

"McLaren has pledged to help put additional funding over the next few years into the hospital that will help mainly with great pricing on debt consolidation, opportunity for expansions, maybe some remodeling that needs to be done and access to funds will be much easier".

The changes aren't going into effect just yet, there's still some final steps to be done at the state level.

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