Caro Regional Center to be replaced with new psychiatric hospital

    Michigan’s Associate Speaker of the House Gary Glenn toured the Caro Center in May according to a news release. (Photo: Gary Glenn)

    CARO, Mich. - The Caro Regional Center is being replaced with a new psychiatric hospital, according to an announcement from State Senator Mike Green and State Representative Ned Canfield.

    Construction on the new facility will take place on the center’s current 600 acre Tuscola County site.

    The Capital Outlay portion of the fiscal year 2018 budget will include both planning and construction authorization for a new state hospital at the Caro location.

    Consideration had been given to building the facility elsewhere in the state, but according to Green’s and Canfield’s statement the legislators convinced the state to stay in Caro.

    In April Tuscola County residents made efforts to urge the governor and other state officials to keep the Center open.

    Canfield invited Michigan’s Associate Speaker of the House Gary Glen for a tour of the facility in May.

    “The Caro Center has been providing top-notch care for over 100 years, and with over 350 full-time employees, it is a critical employer in Tuscola County. Moving it would devastate the county’s economy and make receiving proper treatment significantly more difficult for many patients,” said Canfield.

    According to the statement, data shows more than 80 percent of the center’s patients come from a surrounding county.

    Additionally, over 70 percent of its employees live within 30 miles of the center.

    “I want to especially thank Representative Canfield for his tireless work in making sure this got done. From Tuscola County and beyond, we would like to personally thank all who contacted the governor to express their commitment to keeping Caro Center," said Green.

    House Bill 4323, which includes the project language, will now go before the Senate and House of Representatives for a final vote.

    Caro Regional Center is Tuscola County’s third largest employer.


    Residents fighting to keep Caro Center open in Tuscola County

    Gary Glenn, Michigan’s Associate Speaker of the House tours Caro Center

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