Childhood adventures are inspiration behind new canopy walk in Midland

Midland is getting closer to having one of the longest canopy walks in the nation. The inspiration for this multi-million-dollar project comes from the man who called Whiting Forest his backyard as a kid.

"We would climb the trees all the time and we actually had some spots where we thought, boy it would be great to have a treehouse right in this area,” said Mike Whiting Jr:

Now as an adult the great grandchild of Herbert H Dow is building a treehouse big enough for everyone in Midland. This new canopy walk will be 1,400 feet long.

"We spent our entire summer out in these woods just walking around and climbing trees and riding mini bikes, we had a cousin Hank Dow who lived through that way,” said Whiting.

This was Mike Whiting Jr's backyard while growing up. Now he's leading the Herbert H and Grace A Dow Foundation, and leaving a lasting mark on his childhood playground.

"It's a wonderful place just sit to and lie back and look into the treetops and enjoy the serenity of being out in the woods,” said Whiting.

This project is costing around $19 million. The canopy walk is expected to be open by 2018.

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